nearing ELEVEN months

My baby boy is getting close, y’all. He’s turning 11 MONTHS, which means that he’s almost a YEAR OLD! Jigga whhhuuuutt?? I know it’s cliché but WHERE DID THE TIME GO??! I mean that sincerely. I just cannot fathom that an entire year has passed since I gave birth to this little joy bundle. Here’s what JuBa has been up to:

He stands independently but only when he doesn’t realize that he’s doing so. He’s physically ready to stand and take steps on his own but he treats it like one big joke for now. He’s not quite ready yet I guess but he’s so, so close now. [insert Macaulay Culkin hands-on-face-home-alone-scream here]

He makes new sounds each day and has said “momma” on demand once. Aside from that he’s not speaking any real words yet. He answers to his name selectively, the devil!

He has 5 teeth and he knows how to use them on human flesh.

He eats most anything that we put in front of him. There’s only one food that he repeatedly refuses to eat and it’s Mac ‘n Cheese! Seriously, is this kid even American? His fav foods are bananas, oranges, graham crackers and noodles/pasta. He can slurp with the best of them.

He has a very intense fascination with mechanics. When he plays with a toy truck or car he’ll turn it over to see what’s underneath. He studies the vacuum cleaner, the air purifier and the appliances regularly. Anything that turns ‘on’ will catch his interest.

He now loves baths, his stroller and doesn’t mind his carseat as much. *HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH*

Socially, he’s very warm and outgoing. Perhaps a bit too handsy for most kids. His first inclination upon meeting someone new is to touch their face and hair right away. This turns some kids off, I’ve learned. Especially the older ones. He has no problems sharing toys and is more of an observer when it comes to other kids. He’s still a stone-cold charmer when it comes to meeting other women, though.

He’s been on 8 flights so far and is well on his way to becoming a baby jet-setter. 😉

He’s the snuggliest sleeper ever, exactly what his mamo wanted in a kid. He sleeps best in our arms but once he wakes up in bed alone he’ll whimper until someone comes to plug his bink back in. He’s still a restless little sleeper but we’re on more of a routine now. It’s manageable; but we still spend most of our days switching off between Judah duty and snoozing for an hour or two.

That’s all for now. I hope to post Judah updates semi-regularly so that when memory fails me I’ll have this blog to look back on. Mommy’s memory is shit.

Goodnight! xo


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