baby’s first christmas tree







This year, we’ll be visiting family out of town for Christmas; so for the sake of tradition we wanted to make Jude’s first xmas holiday memorable while keeping things supes simple. Factoring in two rambunctious cats and a burgeoning toddler, our household decorations had to be somewhat fail-safe. We opted for a mini tree which I LOVE. We secured the tree stand to a table with putty and tape. We’ve taken no chances and it is paying off handsomely so far. All decorations remain in their rightful spots. This is an achievement that we’re proud of! Doesn’t take much these days, does it? [insert weary giggle here] We hung our brand new stockings on the mantle and put out a few bowls of Christmas bulbs throughout the house. We’ve also got our holiday scented candles burning on the regs to give our home that extra cheery oomph. It feels jovial and celebratory in our little apartment. I know that Baby J won’t remember how this felt but we sure will. Bring on the holiday season! xo

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