This ensemble – the hair, heels, everything – is about as “cutesy” as I get. I’ve never been the type of girl that wears sweaters with hearts or kittens on them nor do I usually approach anything with ruffles or puffy sleeves. There’s also not a whole lotta pink happening around here. My wife and I joke about having a baby girl one day and completely banning the color pink in our household until she’s old enough to know the difference and choose it for herself. Have you walked into the little girl’s section at Target lately? Jesus Christ. I can’t do it. Besides, y’all know that purple is just sooooo much better anyway!

I digress.

When I got dressed on this particular morning I felt rather feminine and my outfit had to reflect that. I got this romper from Old Navy and the shoes from some cheapy website [although they’re amazingly comfortable!]. Layering the flowy knit vest on top of the romper made it more seasonally-appropriate and a bit more modest. And of course, my holy grail of style is a coordinating set of sunnies + handbag + shoes to bring it all together. Mom style. Cutesy flair. Rocked it!




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