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mom cut | the original mb

The residual effects of pregnancy are plentiful and not often mentioned. I heard somewhere recently that it takes approximately 7 years for the female body to fully recover from childbirth. That’s a long ass time, you guys! We have a running joke in our house where I mention something that’s bothering me, an ailment of some sort, and H will say “oh yeah, I read that that’s a postpartum symptom.” I usually smirk and give her an incredulous look. If I said that I can now shoot flames out of my eyeballs she’d probably respond in the same way! But #realtalk my hair has been falling out at a pace that makes a vain girl like me very sad. Very embarrassingly sad. I already have fine hair but now I’ve got a lovely receding hairline, too! Add that to JJ’s tendency to grab my hair any chance he gets and you’ve got a recipe for a much needed change. So, my girl Marissa and I made appointments at the Aveda beauty school in SF and we got our hairs cut together. I love how it turned out! I’d say that the angled bob is the current version of the “mom cut” and I’m just fine with it. It’s flattering, stylish and so easy to maintain. Bonus: I can still pull it up into a pony tail! [insert cha-ching arm motion]. Say what you will, MOM CUTS FTW!

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