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we heart crab

Here’s just one more reason to love the holidays: Dungeness crab season has begun y’all! We went to one of the local asian supermarkets and nabbed some live Dungeness crabs from the tank, took ’em home and cooked ’em up. Truth be told, I feel a genuine sadness when dipping a live being into a boiling water bath… but that feeling fades when the lemony garlic butter sauce aromas fill the room. We’re a heartless family when it comes to delicious food. Sorries! The steam from the kitchen clouded our patio doors so JJ and I wrote messages while we waited for H to finish our meal. We cracked and ate our crab with some crusty bread and drawn butter. So fresh, so fancy, so divine. Happy Sunday to us!

how hippy



Living in Northern California can have an effect on you. More specifically, living in the Bay Area. After approx. 4 years here, I can state with full confidence that my wife and I have begun the slow but certain transition to hippydom. I doubt that we’ll ever be full-fledged citizens of hippytown but there have been many changes to our approach over time. They’re notable enough that I’ve been keeping a list and whenever I glance at it I giggle. Although I’ve been known to rock a billowy top and turquoise jewelry I’m talking about something deeper than that…a Bay Area frame of mind. Allow me to regale you with a few solid examples:

  • My wife purchases coconut oil by the gallon. No, I’m not exaggerating. She spends her precious spare time browsing My solution to any health woes is to drink more water, hers is to put a little dab of coconut oil on it. She suggests its use for everything. It’s gotten out of hand.
  • One day I boarded the elevator in our apartment building and knew instantly that my wife had been there not long before. Why’s that you ask? Because it smelled strongly of Frankincense and Lavender essential oils. Again, she uses these oils for EVERYTHING, not just for cologne. In our birth class she suggested aromatherapy as a method of pain management. I now understand how utterly useless that would’ve been for me. Ha!
  • When writing my wedding vows I actually googled “feminist wedding vows” for ideas.
  • Shaving just isn’t as much of a thing these days. Not like it used to be.
  • I wear my baby regularly, I experienced natural childbirth, we co-sleep and YES…I consumed my own placenta postpartum.
  • We participate in protests whenever possible. *See the preceding photos above of a book that we received for our baby boy entitled “A is for Activist.”

So there you have it. We’re living that Yay Area life. For a couple years now I’ve been looking forward to our next move to somewhere cheaper, simpler, closer to family. But I gotta say that I’m thankful for where we live at the moment; warts and all. I appreciate the influence & awareness that our one-of-a-kind city has bestowed upon us.

Peace, man.

souper pho-reak


I mean, what can I say about my favorite food? Nay, my favorite cuisine? I remember quite keenly my first experience with Vietnamese food. Some years ago I had a co-worker who was Vietnamese but born and raised in France. Her taste in food was impeccable and she took it very, very seriously. The ritual of it, the importance of quality… and she had a reverence for proper form. She took me to my first authentic Vietnamese restaurant in SoCal. She taught me what to order (for a beginner: spring rolls and pho) and how to order it (rare steak on the side), prepare it (how to add veggies, sauces, etc.) and consume it (how to spool noodles onto the spoon and dip it in broth to get a mixture of all the wonderful flavors). I haven’t veered from what she showed me and I’ve had hundreds of bowls of pho since then. I don’t know what it is about the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine that resonate with me so deeply. The restaurants are often no-fuss with a “family business” type feel. The impact of each dish is based on how fresh the ingredients are – there’s no hiding behind subpar proteins, veggies and herbs. I have two bucket list items that pertain to this delicious food:

  1. to make pho from scratch and have it taste just as good as any authentic restaurant’s.
  2. travel to Vietnam and eat myself silly.

If I ever do either of these things you, my fair blog readers, will be the FIRST to know! Until that day, I slurp on.

* I wish I were clever enough to have come up with the title of this post on my own. But, I’m not. Holly gifted me a shirt that says Souper Pho-reak on it and it’s one of my faves.

** For those that have always been curious, it’s pronounced “phuh” not “phoh.” FYI

baby’s first christmas tree







This year, we’ll be visiting family out of town for Christmas; so for the sake of tradition we wanted to make Jude’s first xmas holiday memorable while keeping things supes simple. Factoring in two rambunctious cats and a burgeoning toddler, our household decorations had to be somewhat fail-safe. We opted for a mini tree which I LOVE. We secured the tree stand to a table with putty and tape. We’ve taken no chances and it is paying off handsomely so far. All decorations remain in their rightful spots. This is an achievement that we’re proud of! Doesn’t take much these days, does it? [insert weary giggle here] We hung our brand new stockings on the mantle and put out a few bowls of Christmas bulbs throughout the house. We’ve also got our holiday scented candles burning on the regs to give our home that extra cheery oomph. It feels jovial and celebratory in our little apartment. I know that Baby J won’t remember how this felt but we sure will. Bring on the holiday season! xo