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Weekend Wear [2/28]

Weekend Wear 2/28 | the original mb

Weekend Wear 2/28 | the original mb

Weekend Wear 2/28 | the original mb

For this installment of Weekend Wear, I’m bringing back ol’ trusty – my overalls. They’re cotton, stripey, comfy as f@%!. Can’t go wrong. Sure, this isn’t the most flattering outfit but it still screams “I WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE BUT STILL SOMEWHAT STYLISH OK?!” On second thought, don’t all of my outfits scream that?

Photos by Rachel Hall |

Weekend Wear [2/21]

Weekend Wear 2/21 | the original mb

A bit of truth to begin this post: I don’t live the sort of life that’s conducive to dressing stylishly every day. It is a goal of mine but a far off one for sure. I work in your typical SF tech office which amounts to lots of hoodies, jeans, sneakers, flats, top knots. In the 2 years that I’ve worked there I’ve never worn a dress to work and I’ve worn heeled booties maybe once or twice. It feels out of place there. But weekends are for me! This is when my style can flourish. I love fashion and I have a strong allegiance to personal style. When I put together something cute I’m excited about it, I want to show it off! And so, the Weekend Wear series is born. Welcome to the world, baby girl. My plan is to share 1 or 2 outfit posts per week that give you a feel for my personal approach to comfortable fashion.  I’ve enlisted my friend Rachel to photograph this series. We’re excited to get creative and see where this will take us!

Photos by Rachel Hall |

wifey. pizza. shoes.

holly custom pizza vans

holly's custom pizza vans

There’s a definitive list of things that my wife worships. Somewhere in the Top 5 sits pepperoni pizza and Vans Slip-Ons. For her birthday this year I decided to enlist an Etsy artist to combine the two things. This was the result and they. fucking. rock. I wish I’d gotten more close-up shots of these babies. So much incredible detail – down to the little specks of oregano! Of course, these were a hit with H and she’s (we’re!) looking forward to building up a collection of these specially-made kicks. Tommy of Bear Gallery made the whole process so much fun and his enthusiasm for this project was a huge plus. I’m thinkin’ for the next pair I’d like to combine some of my favorites: Converse sneakers and pho! Oh the possibilities!

Curls for the girls

CURLS FOR THE GIRLS | the original mb 01

We always want what we don’t have. I’ve found that this is especially true when it comes to hair. Those of us with curly hair want straight hair, those with straight hair want more body and curl. Yada, yada, yada. It’s like some weird universal law that all women must want whatever it is that they don’t already have. I’ve been to approximately 50+ salons in my lifetime and the conversations had with each hairdresser always start out the same: I’m always there to have my hair straightened – they always say “your curls are beautiful” – then I follow it up with “we always want what we don’t have” –  they nod in agreement. Every. Flippin’. Time. Personally, I’ve always felt that I look better with straightened hair. I feel more sophisticated. It thins out my face and complements my features. The extra time and money have always been worth it to me. Everyone else in my life, however, has preferred my hair big, wild and curly…so when I do wear it like it appears in the photo above it gives me a sense of pride. Not because it’s how I feel most comfortable or attractive, but because I recognize how much others view it as such. A weird thing, for sure. Is there anybody out there who loves/has always loved the hair that they were born with?


Weekend Pants

Weekend Pants full body snaps | the original mb 01

I call these my “weekend pants” because they’re the comfiest, easiest choice for a lazy day. Stylish but non-restrictive. I wore them yesterday when we walked over to Stag’s Lunchette for some lunch and coffee. There’s something about this style of pant, though. I bought ’em for $10 at Forever 21 but they flatter my curves perfectly. Holly loves it when I wear them because they show off my feminine sway (to put it mildly). It’s a win-win!

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Cool Blue

Cool Blue maxi dress | the original mb 02

It’s summer here in the Bay Area. High 80’s and 90’s for the past couple of weeks. If you travel inland it gets into the 100’s! Since public nudity is frowned upon, I put together this simple getup before running errands in Walnut Creek, where it was hotter than hell itself. Nothing fancy – a breezy blue maxi accented by a cute necklace and some chic eyewear. To the rest of the country with cooler temps: we’ll be with ya before you know it. Stay cool, CA folks.


SUNDAZE black dress denim shirt fedora | the original mb 03

SUNDAZE black dress denim shirt fedora | the original mb 04

SUNDAZE denim shirt fedora close up | the original mb 02

SUNDAZE black dress denim shirt fedora  | the original mb 01


Sunday was an easy day. We brunched, we napped, we did laundry and Holly was patient enough to snap these shots of me. Isn’t she a doll? Our relationship has actually come a long way from the days of me forcing her to photograph me and micromanaging her while she does it. Holly doesn’t like taking photos. Wonder why?

For our breezy Sunday I threw a chambray shirt over a basic black dress. Topped it off with a beige-y fedora and red lips. When wearing so many neutrals one can never forget the red lips! I’ve always had a “thang” for dainty jewelry which is why I had to have this necklace when I saw it on Pinterest. The first of many jewelry items with the letter “H.” Whether you assumed that the “H” stands for Holly or for the word Homo, you’d be right. I’ll give points for both. 😉

Hope your Sunday was just as swell.