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cinched camel dress




On one of Holly’s days off we tried the new Oaxacan restaurant in Uptown Oakland called Agave. We’d had quite the busy day before-hand so this dinner held the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment for the family. The food was quite good and so was my cocktail. Needing to be comfortable yet stylish, I wore this camel colored sweater dress that I thrifted. Originally from The Limited, the material is super cozy, almost cashmere-like, and the length and cinched waist make it flattering on my work-in-progress physique. What’s not to love?

multicolor caftan


Muumuu, caftan, housedress. Call it what you want, friends. My wife hates ’em and I LOVE ’em. You probably know by now that I’m a fan of ease and comfort in my wardrobe so naturally I have a few of these in my closet. I stumbled upon an Etsy store,┬áMaison Marrakech, that makes some very stylish and affordable caftans. I prefer to style mine in a boho-ey, vintage-y manner with some cool shades and chunky jewelry. If you too are a lover of ease, comfort and effortless style during the warmer months I would certainly recommend building up a caftan collection. Your spouse might hate it but hey girl, I got your back.

new favorite product | alaffia


Don’t you just love to discover new bath + body products…even more so when they’re on SALE?! I do! We stumbled upon these Alaffia products at Whole Foods – the Everyday Shea Vanilla Mint body wash and the Everyday Coconut conditioner. There was a whole kiosk of these goodies on display and they were marked down significantly so I thought I’d give them a try. I’ve been looking to expand our baby product arsenal to include other healthy and eco-conscious brands. We’ve been all Honest Co. and Babyganics until recently. Alas! Alaffia fits the bill! The conditioner made my hair feel amazingly soft and hydrated and the body wash works for all different skin types. It’s mild and cleansing with a refreshing scent. It’s just a huge bonus that the Alaffia line is fair trade, handcrafted, non-synthetic, paraben free, biodegradable and all of that other crunchy stuff. I feel good when I use it, and NO I’m not being paid to say so. I just really want you to try it, okay? ­čÖé





This ensemble – the hair, heels, everything – is about as “cutesy” as I get. I’ve never been the type of girl that wears sweaters with hearts or kittens on them nor do I usually approach anything with ruffles or puffy sleeves. There’s also not a whole lotta pink happening around here. My wife and I joke about having a baby girl one day and completely banning the color pink in our household until she’s old enough to know the difference and choose it for herself. Have you walked into the little girl’s section at Target lately? Jesus Christ. I can’t do it. Besides, y’all know that purple is just sooooo much better anyway!

I digress.

When I got dressed on this particular morning I felt rather feminine and my outfit had to reflect that. I got this romper from Old Navy and the shoes from some cheapy website [although they’re amazingly comfortable!]. Layering the flowy knit vest on top of the romper made it more seasonally-appropriate and a bit more modest. And of course, my holy grail of style is a coordinating set of sunnies + handbag + shoes to bring it all together. Mom style. Cutesy flair. Rocked it!




mom cut

mom cut | the original mb

The residual effects of pregnancy are plentiful and not often mentioned. I heard somewhere recently that it takes approximately 7 years for the female body to fully recover from childbirth. That’s a long ass time, you guys! We have a running joke in our house where I mention something that’s bothering me, an ailment of some sort, and H will say “oh yeah, I read that that’s a postpartum symptom.” I usually smirk and give her an incredulous look. If I said┬áthat I can now shoot flames out of my eyeballs she’d probably respond in the same way! But #realtalk my hair has been falling out at a pace that makes a vain girl like me very sad. Very embarrassingly sad. I already have fine hair but now I’ve got a lovely receding hairline, too! Add that to JJ’s tendency to grab my hair any chance he gets and you’ve got a recipe for a much needed change. So, my girl Marissa and I made appointments at the Aveda beauty school in SF and we got our hairs cut together. I love how it turned out! I’d say that the angled bob is the current version of the “mom cut” and I’m just fine with it. It’s flattering, stylish and so easy to maintain. Bonus: I can still pull it up into a pony tail! [insert cha-ching arm motion]. Say what you will, MOM CUTS FTW!

sunny obsession

sunny obsession | the original mb

sunny obsession | the original mb

I heard somebody say one time that “everyone should collect something.” For such an empty┬ástatement it stuck with me. For the longest I couldn’t think of anything interesting enough to collect. When I was younger I became very fond of Coca Cola memorabilia. Why? I honestly have no clue. I didn’t even drink Coke. Still don’t! Yet I had Coca Cola wallpaper border wrapped around my room and a big, red Coca Cola clock to match. Perhaps it was the old-timey style. Felt classic and nostalgic…I guess? Who knows. I was a weird kid sometimes and the border completely clashed with my blue and gold wall paint. Ugh. But even that little phase was nothing but a half-assed collection. Fast forward to adulthood and I’m pondering what kind of knick-knacks to accumulate. And then it dawned on me that I already had a sizable collection of one thing: sunnies. Cheapy plastic sunglasses were my thing. Now and forevermore they will be my thing. Now that I’m in my 30’s a few nicer pairs have been added but overall it’s the same – no pair of shades over $15, bold style and flattering lens shape. I can’t help myself! Even when I’m in the gas station I check out the circular displays to see what they have (They have crap. Always crap!). I display them in my home and people always make comments about it. I have relatives, who shall remain nameless, that treat my collection like their own personal sunglass boutique. *wink* It’s all good, though. At my wife’s request, I throw a few scratched/worn pairs out each year. Doing this keeps me from that thin line of being a hoarder vs. a collector. Or so I tell myself. ­čÖé Okay, g2g. It’s Prime Day and I’ve gotta check our their sunglasses before it’s over!

a bump is the best accessory

a bump is the best accessory| the original mb01

a bump is the best accessory | the original mb

a bump is the best accessory| the original mb04

a bump is the best accessory| the original mb02

a bump is the best accessory | the original mb

a bump is the best accessory | the original mb

a bump is the best accessory | the original mb

Dontcha think? A baby bump is, without a doubt, the best accessory a woman can wear. I loved maternity fashion. It does get a bit old towards the end when everything feels so small but aside from that I appreciated the sartorial challenge. Maybe during my next pregnancy I’ll do a more specific ‘maternity fashion’ type of series. Maybe. For now though, please enjoy this┬áphotographic┬ámashup of baby┬áJuju baking in the oven. xo

playsuit ftw

playsuit ftw | the original mb

playsuit ftw | the original mb

These days┬ádressing up, putting on a little makeup and looking my best has really made the difference in how I feel. Every 3 days or so I change out of my loungewear and gussy myself up. It’s like a reset for the mommy mind. Even better if the cuteness coincides with a fun activity outdoors.Today we hit the farmer’s market and walked around town. I’m obsessed with all things romper/playsuit/jumpsuit. BTW, is there a technical difference between the 3? If somebody knows the answer, do tell! I got this olive green beauty on sale at Old Navy. Loved it so much I got it in black, too. You can’t beat the ease of slipping on one piece of clothing that keeps you stylish and comfy at the same time. Can these stay on trend forever? Pretty please with sugar on top?

fragrances that flatter

fragrances that flatter | the original mb15

Don’t you just feel better when you’re wearing a nice scent? I do. I wear fragrances daily because it makes me feel feminine and fresh and ready for my day. Historically I’ve obsessed over my “one true scent” which was Estee Lauder’s Miracle. But in the last few years I’ve branched out a bit. I’ve built a small army of similar fragrances that are light, fresh, fruity, floral and make me smell like┬á#freshlypickedwarmlaundrysuckingonajollyrancherduringasunnyspringday.

Ya know – ┬áclean. A few of my favorites are Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and L’Occitane’s Eau Spontanee. What scents are at the top of your list?

this stuff right here

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel | the original mb

Good afternoon, ladies & gents.┬áSince moving to NorCal a few years ago, I’ve noticed that I feel more comfortable taking certain liberties that I wouldn’t have before. It doesn’t bother me to go a few weeks or months without a pedicure – naked toes are good enough! Furry eyebrows, underarms and legs? NBD, boo boo! Roll those cuffs up anyway. These are things that would never fly when I lived in LA or Orange County. But this is the Bay Area, nobody is looking at your hairy legs…they’re staring at the guy pissing in the corner of the train car like nobody else is there. So when it comes to my skin and haircare products, I’ve started to relax on┬áthe average stuff and transition to the more organic/natural stuff…and it rocks. Thayers Witch Hazel is one of those products. Happened upon it at Whole Foods and never looked back. I’m a sucker for anything with a Rosewater essence┬áso when I came across this product I was excited to switch out my Proactiv toner and give this a try. It not only cleans my skin thoroughly but it doesn’t strip it and leave it dry like other products I’ve used. It soothes. It leaves my skin so incredibly soft. It just feels better. BONUS: Thayer’s Witch Hazel comes in flavors like Cucumber, Lavender and Lemon for those that aren’t bonkers over Rose scented items (like I am). So do yourself a favor, ditch the Sea Breeze and treat yourself to a bottle of this.