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sleep, sleep

There’s a big transition happening in our house. One could say (and so would our pediatrician!) that this transition is sorely overdue. Yes, the time has come for baby Juju to sleep in his own crib. In theory, we should’ve pressed the matter many months ago but we kept on doing what worked and what felt most comfortable. It’s funny, me writing that sentence, because what I deemed “comfy” and “necessary” up until now has been anything but! In the past 6 months our sleep sitch has gone as follows:

  • My wife has barely slept in her own bed for almost half a year. She’s out in the living room with our nocturnal + very rambunctious cats every night.
  •  Jude has woken up no less than 3 times per night, sometimes more. He’s also turned into a lousy napper.
  • I haven’t actually slept through the night since he was born; or slept comfortably for that matter. It essentially feels like I sleep holding my breath when he’s next to me. 

One night recently (after a long and tiresome day) Judah woke up 3 times before 3 am. Something inside of me snapped. I was exhausted and my patience had run out. The voice inside just kept saying “I can’t survive like this. I’m done. Change has to start NOW!” I woke up, turned the lights on, picked him up and attempted to talk to him through his tears. I tried nursing him but he was resistant. I went and made him a bottle. As I was feeding him the thoughts just kept running like a ticker. I decided to start sleep training him right then and there. After I fed him he didn’t get to come back in bed with me he went straight in his crib….where he continued to wail for an hour. It was grating but my adrenaline was already pumping and my nerves were shot. We just had to tough it out, both of us. I went over intermittently to pat him on the back and try to soothe him. When he finally went down he slept HARD. I was up for another hour after he settled just processing all of my dreadful, poorly feelings. I’ll miss having my little guy next to me. Waking up to his smile just 6 inches away. But it’s time. Way, way time. This will pay off! And soon! Wish me luck, friends.

independence day 2016

independence day 2016 | the original mb04

independence day 2016 | the original mb06
independence day 2016 | the original mb05

independence day 2016 | the original mb07


independence day 2016 | the original mb03

This year we celebrated America’s birthday over the course of a few days. Holly had to work on the 4th so we had to be creative with it. We made some r, w & b foods + corn dogs from scratch. I got the recipe for the cake pictured above from Pinterest, as one does, and ended up botching it to high hell. It’s supposed to be angel food cake with coconut cream and fresh berries. The cake turned out denser than George Dubya. I mean, it was embarrassing! JJ and I took a trip over to the City to visit the wife at work. The weather in SF was not very patriotic. Chilly, grey, foggy; and the City was a complete ghost town. Hmph. All that matters though is that we got to spend time together and celebrate in little pieces here and there. We’ll do better next year. Happy Birthday, my beautiful country. xo

small touches

small touches01

small touches02

small touches03

small touches04

small touches05

Our friends Rachel & Amy hosted us for Christmas dinner. The food, the decor, the beverages, the entertainment – down to the detail, it was such a warm and jolly celebration. I thought I’d post a few snaps of the table and appetizer spread before the main event. Many, many more to come. xo


xmas morning in OAK

An Oakland Xmas Morning | the original mb

An Oakland Xmas Morning  skyping the family| the original mb

An Oakland Xmas Morning skyping the family | the original mb

An Oakland Xmas Morning funny gifts | the original mb

An Oakland Xmas Morning opening gifts | the original mb

Christmas morning was a bit unglamorous this year. We stayed up late partying on Christmas Eve so when the 9 am alarm sounded it was bittersweet. Jackson traditions are strong though, and it was time to open gifts while skyping with the fam bam. Our gifts were all so thoughtful and cute [see the Dr. Bronner’s gag gift above fr/ my mother-in-law!]. No pinterest-perfect shots here but it was a nice morning. Immediately after, of course, we went back to bed and slept ’til 3 o’clock. Because we can! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas morning! More pics of our xmas evening to come…

Our City Hall Wedding

City Hall Wedding HOLLY + MYA | the original mb 01

Well, guys. WE FINALLY DID IT! On Tuesday, September 23rd Holly and I got hitched. Yaaahhooooooo! We had a very private ceremony; just the two of us, a photographer and a judge. Being married feels how I’d always hoped it would: DAMN GOOD. More photos from the ceremony and mini-moon to come! Stay tuned. Thanks to our family and friends for the support. Love levels are at an all-time high around here. 😉